The Benefits Of A Mobile Vet, Find One In Chicago

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Animal Health

“At home” veterinary services are becoming very popular in Chicago. Pets become very accustomed to the sights, sounds, sounds, and smells within their environment. From the vet’s point of view, pets attended to at home are easier to handle. With the owner close by, the vet can do things that otherwise may not be possible without sedation.

Pets who are easily upset or suffer anxiety when taken for a car ride are perfect candidates for at-home veterinary services. “Super-size” dogs as well as older dogs who have lost their mobility also benefit.

People who own more than one pet find it is more convenient for the vet to come to them, rather than the other way around. When a mobile vet arrives, all the pets can be examined or vaccinated at the same time. This approach cuts down on the number of trips you have to make to their animal hospital. It can also prove to be more cost-effective.

The owner benefits as well:

There is little doubt that a mobile vet is a boon for the animal. It is also a blessing for the owner. Time is at a premium for many people, getting to the vet’s office during the day may be difficult. For the elderly that have limited transportation options, as well as those people that don’t drive, knowing there is a vet in Chicago that will come to them is wonderful.

Some services are not available:

A mobile vet service can cover many of your pet care needs. Common services such as vaccinations, routine examinations, and other preventative care services are almost always available. For detailed lab work, ultrasound, X-Rays, advanced surgical procedures, etc., mobile services are not usually available.

Like most things, there are pros and cons associated with mobile vets. For most people, a combination of a mobile service providing common needs and a sophisticated veterinary hospital in Chicago is the best of both worlds; convenience and in-depth services tailored to the needs of your pet.

A mobile vet is ideal for both the patient and the owner. Visit Village West Veterinary in Chicago at website to learn more about mobile and in-house veterinary services. Follow us on Google+.

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