Why You Should Consider Employment at an LTC Pharmacy

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Health Care

Are you interested in a pharmaceutical career, but not sure which type of pharmacological setting you’d prefer? Consider the LTC pharmacy, and consider a career in making a difference to those who need it the most.

What is an LTC Pharmacy?

An LTC pharmacy – or long-term care pharmacy – is one that works alongside long-term care facilities to provide for the pharmaceutical needs of patients there. This may involve anything from filling prescriptions to delivering orders and educating patients and caregivers on dosing, use of products and more.

How is LTC Different from Traditional Pharmacy Work?

Working in an LTC pharmacy is a different experience for those employed previously in typical pharmacies, as there is no everyday hustle and bustle of customers passing through to make purchases or have prescriptions filled. These pharmacies focus entirely on meeting the needs of the patients and providers in long-term care facilities, and therefore are able to better control their work flow and create a more balanced work day for themselves. For this reason, many pharmacists prefer this setting to that of a standard pharmacy.

The exception to these rules is when a pharmacy offers LTC services in addition to other services or products, meaning that they may still have customers coming through or may be compounding and creating medications for specialty patients. These multi-service pharmacies are becoming more common in America as the needs of patients diversifies.

Finding an LTC Pharmacy Near You

There are numerous facilities offering LTC pharmaceutical services in the Unites States today. Finding one near you is often as simple as consulting your local nursing homes, adult daycare centers and other long-term care providers to see who they regularly do business with. Other connections within the pharmacy industry may also be able to recommend a local LTC pharmacy for you to inquire about openings with. Regardless of how you find your nearest LTC pharmacy, know that positions are often limited at each, so apply early and often once you have your certification in place. It may take some time to find the job you want, but working at an LTC pharmacy can definitely be worth the wait!

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