Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA Help Disabled Individuals Continue to Live as Fully as Possible

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Health

Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA are helpful for people with many kinds of physical disorders, allowing them to maintain a certain level of independence. Some individuals must use these mobility products all the time, while others only need them when their symptoms flare up. A person with multiple sclerosis, for instance, may need a walker on bad days, but may be able to walk without help much of the time.


Being able to rely on Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA gives the person renewed confidence about maneuvering around the home, outside and at other locations. Someone with severe rheumatoid arthritis, for example, may have begun avoiding leaving the house without another person assisting until he or she obtained a walker. The same is true for certain patients who have suffered a stroke. The walker can include fabric pockets where the person can store a wallet or other items.


As certain diseases progress, some individuals have to begin relying on a wheelchair much or all of the time. Many of today’s wheelchair models are collapsible so they can easily fit into a vehicle. These are suitable for patients with enough mobility to get in and out of a car, at least with some assistance. The products help people with serious congestive heart failure, lupus and Parkinson’s disease.

Patients with multiple sclerosis also may eventually experience continuous leg weakness that makes it impossible for them to walk without a high risk of falling. Rheumatoid arthritis patients may develop such severe joint damage from the disease that they also can no longer stand on their feet for any length of time.

Continuing to Live Fully

Even when people are very ill with any of these health problems, they may still feel well enough to want to socialize, go to church or see a movie in a theater. They want to go to a relative’s home for Thanksgiving dinner and to watch a grandchild graduate from high school. Having a wheelchair from a supplier such as McArdle Surgical Pittsburgh PA allows them to continue participating in enjoyable and meaningful activities as long as they can.

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