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What You Should Know Before Buying Gently Used Medical Equipment

If you own a private practice or small clinic, you may not have the budget to buy expensive medical equipment in brand new condition. A more cost-effective alternative is to buy slightly used or refurbished equipment, such as making an offer on a used ultrasound machine for sale. In doing so, there are a few things you should know in order to make a good investment.

Research the Supplier
The first step is to ensure you’re buying from a reputable supplier of used medical equipment. To get started, ask your colleagues if they have ever purchased equipment from that supplier. You should also find out where they get their replacement parts. You’ll want to ensure the equipment you buy will operate in “like new” condition.

Ask For the Device’s Serial Number
Before you buy the equipment, get the serial number and run a search of the device’s history. With the serial number, you can trace the machine’s chain of custody, repairs, software upgrades, and other details. This information can help you determine if the device has had a troubled history.

Discuss the Refurbishing Process
You should inquire about the procedures they have in place for refurbishing the equipment. This should involve details about who repairs the equipment and how the machines are tested. When you’re looking for a used ultrasound machine for sale or any medical device, be sure to get documentation that outlines the refurbishing or repair of the machine.

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