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Why Does an Open MRI Make Medical Imaging Easier in Orlando?

MRI machines provide one of the best ways of diagnosing internal health conditions, but the experience they provide is disconcerting. Fortunately, the introduction of open MRI equipment has addressed many of the drawbacks of the more traditional machines. Below, you can explore some of the advantages that help patients enjoy a more pleasant experience.

Less Claustrophobic
The first advantage you’ll see in an open MRI is that it really is as open as possible, eliminating the enclosed space that causes many patients to feel unsettled. As you lie on the flat bed, you’ll find that most of the area is wide open, allowing you to breathe more easily and see more of your surroundings. Since it is open, you’ll also be exposed to normal lighting, and that can help keep patients of all ages calm.

Reduced Noise Levels
Traditional MRI machines are also louder, partly because of their larger and heavier shapes. The new equipment is more streamlined and, as a result, operates in a quiet mode that makes the experience more pleasing. In fact, some models provide the option of allowing patients to listen to music during the procedure.

Better Communication With the Technician
Newer open MRI equipment feature communication equipment that allows the technician to speak directly to the patient via a microphone and speaker system mounted directly to the unit. This helps the technician to keep the patient calm and relaxed. The feeling of being left alone often causes anxiety, but the communication system eliminates those feelings.

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