How to Prepare for Facelift Surgery in Darien, CT

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Health

For some, plastic surgery is an opportunity to turn back the hands of time. A patient can get rid of some of the wrinkles and extra skin that can cause him or her to look older. Tto get the most out of Facelift Surgery in Darien CT, it is important to make the proper preparations. This can ensure the day of the surgery as well as the recovery go smoothly.

Start Getting Ready Early

Most patients don’t decide on a facelift and have the procedure done the next day. In fact, it takes at least two weeks to start preparing the body for the process. Most surgeons recommend that patients take a closer look at their medications and make some adjustments. For example, several things should be avoided in the weeks leading up to the procedure including aspirin, certain herbal medications, and even anti-inflammatory meds. Taking these things too close to the operation could cause complications that could put the patient and the results at risk.

Show Up to the Surgery Early

Despite all of the preparation with the surgeon in advance, it is still important to show up to the procedure a little early. There is paperwork that needs to be filled out before checking into a facility. Then, certain medical tests and checks need to be done to make sure a patient is able to undergo the procedure. Showing up early means getting these things taken care of and keeping everything on schedule. Check with Russo Aesthetic and Wellness for more information on what needs to be done the day of the surgery.

Make Arrangements for Assistance

After Facelift Surgery in Darien CT, patients will need some help taking care of themselves. General anesthesia tends to have a strong effect, making it impossible for a patient to drive home after the operation. Also, he or she should not be left unattended for at least twenty-four hours because of the risk of fainting or falling. Simple tasks are often difficult for a patient that has undergone an operation. It helps to have someone there to take care of meals and general care for at least a day or two, depending on the type of facelift surgery.

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