Proper Etiquette When Visiting Beauty Salons in Issaquah, WA

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Health

Have you ever gone to a beauty salon with the intention of relaxing and being pampered only to have your visit ruined by another customer who is completely unaware of proper salon etiquette? Understanding proper etiquette when visiting the salon will help you to be more respectful of the staff and other customers as well as avoid personal embarrassment.

Always Show up to Your Appointment on Time

It is extremely important to show up to your beauty salon appointment on time if you want to stay on your stylist’s good side. Beauty salon employees plan their days out very carefully in order to allow enough time for each client. If you show up late for an appointment, you could throw their whole day off and make them late for every subsequent appointment. This isn’t fair to your stylist or to the other paying customers who are willing and able to show up on time.

If you have a hunch you will be late to your appointment at a beauty salon in Issaquah, WA, be sure to contact your stylist ASAP so that he or she can plan accordingly. Visit your salon’s website at  to find their contact information. The sooner you inform them of the situation; the more likely they are to be able to adjust their plans and stay on time for their other appointments. This really just comes down to common courtesy.

Avoid Talking on Your Cell Phone

While texting is generally seen as acceptable, talking on your cell phone can get in the way when your stylist is trying to work his or her magic. We’ve all experienced instances where customers talk way too loudly on the phone and disrupt the other patrons of the establishment. This is not only disrespectful but also gets in the way of your relaxation. You came to the salon to be pampered and escape from the world. Leave the cell phone in your purse and enjoy the experience.

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