Following a Weight Maintenance Plan Proven by Science at the Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Weight Loss

There are many obstacles that can come in between a person and weight management. Genetics and age are factors that contribute to failed weight loss attempts. There are scientifically proven ways to help the body readjust itself into a state of high metabolic performance. It works by activating the hormones that attribute to healthy weight. Combining a high protein, low caloric intake with prescription HCG supplements puts the body into high gear fat burning mode. HCG is a hormone that is produced at elevated levels in expectant mothers. The benefit this hormone has for weight loss is to help the body burn fat more productively. It also does something that can’t be achieved by diet and exercise alone. Fat that has been stored in the body for a long time becomes resistant to metabolizing. Body fat percentage rate may not be able to decrease down to where it should be because of this impairment.

The Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY has physicians that monitor and manage the progress of the mission. The duration of this diet is swift and complete. Since there are three or more constituents aiding in weight loss, as much as a pound per day can be shed. HCG supplements are usually administered in injection form and physicians speak favorably of having B-12 injections with it. It is a vitamin that supports cell production and protein synthesis. B-12 is found in some foods and the body needs a sufficient amount of it to stay healthy.

The InShapeMD medical weight loss program is a practical application for losing weight, not just a theory. Physicians and nutrition consultants assisting in this program implement a continuing plan for those who’ve successfully reached their goal. They offer professional guidance to the individuals they helped lose weight so they can retain their results. When staff members of the Medical Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY complete their initial services, participants of the program will have lost all the excess fat their bodies contained. Next is to carry through a plan that makes the results sustainable. A healthy weight is sustainable by following a weight maintenance plan that is straightforward and easy to keep up with. Please browse the website for more details.

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