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Why Having an Easy-to-See & Use Central Line Checklist Is Important

Central line insertions are daily events in hospitals throughout the world. These catheters are used for antibiotic treatments, cancer IV therapy and for fast access treating trauma or during emergency procedures. An easy-to-see and use central line checklist insures all standard protocols are followed.

Central Lines Increase a Patient’s Risk for Dangerous Infections

When a central line is inserted, the patient’s risk for serious and life-threatening infections goes up substantially. This is why there are standardized measures implemented in steps during the insertion of one of these invasive catheters. The central line is inserted directly into a large vein as a rapid access point for IV infusions and more. During a serious illness or after a traumatic event, it can be difficult to find and insert a proper IV line.

How the Central Line Checklist Is Improving Quality of Care

One recent study showed a hospital that was experiencing an increase in cases of systemic infections attributed to a central line insertions. If the proper infection control measures are not followed exactly, this could introduce pathogens directly into the person’s venous blood supply to be then circulated throughout the body. When this checklist was initiated at that hospital, the infection rate attributable to Central Line Insertions approached zero.

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