5 Questions If You’re Going to Couples Counseling

by | May 27, 2021 | Mental Health

You and your partner are having problems. That’s normal. Every couple goes through a few. But if you feel that the problems are getting the best of your relationship, you might want to consider getting help patching things up. If you think the emotional failure in your relationship is much harder to resolve, here’s how to get help.

What’s Stopping You from Making It Work?

Before you go to couples counseling in Minneapolis, you’ll want to ask yourself: what are you doing to make things right? What are you doing that’s cutting off the conversation off or leaving you both cold and emotionally distant? Those are the areas that the therapy will likely ask you about.

Are You Committed to the Process?

Do you want things to work out? Or are you just going to the sessions because you don’t want to deal with more fighting at home? What do the sessions mean for you? What do you think they’ll help you achieve?

What Do You Need Help With?

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to say to your partner but you never found the right words? What do you want to tell your partner about getting counseling together? Do you want your partner to feel loved, that you’re in this together?

What’s Off-Limits to You and Your Partner?

Before you go to a session, decide for yourselves what areas you won’t want to delve into. However, holding back during the sessions might also backfire if the areas you don’t want to talk about during counseling are the areas you need to work on.

How Can You Help Us?

That’s a question that you throw to the therapist. Ask about what the therapy will entail. Discuss your options and decide if you’re both getting therapy for the same reasons. Make sure you’re both on the same page.

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