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Knee Pain in St Louis MO

Who thinks of going to a treatment for knee pain? The choice would be likely to surprise most people, since knee pain care is primarily considered as helpful for back and neck pain. Several problems in the vertebrae can lead an individual to adjust the way he sits, stands and walks in ways that lead to knee pain. A person dealing with stubborn knee pain in St Louis MO may want to schedule an appointment for evaluation and treatment.

A trainer is likely to provide a holistic treatment plan for a person experiencing knee pain in St Louis MO. He may conclude that a nutrition and exercise program is advisable in addition to direct care. That’s especially the case for a person who is overweight and putting that additional strain on his knees. Another person who may need modifications to his exercise regimen is someone who might be called a weekend warrior. These individuals can be prone to injury because they are sedentary all week long and then overdo their physical activity on the weekend.

For the patient experiencing knee pain, a practitioner at a clinic such as the Katalyst may also perform spinal adjustments and correct the alignment of structures within the knee. Structures in the ankle may have become misaligned as well and contributed to the problems in the knee joint. Deep-heat ultrasound therapy might be used to increase circulation in the knee, which is beneficial for providing extra nutrients and oxygen for healing.

In addition to the more general recommendations for daily exercise, the doctor will likely prescribe specific exercises to strengthen the knee and increase joint flexibility. The patient with Knee Pain in St Louis MO typically starts out gradually with these activities and increases the number and frequency as his knee improves. He returns to the clinic for adjustments until he feels he has recovered sufficiently. The ongoing adjustments bring the spinal and joint structures into alignment, allowing the person to move properly, helping to decrease inflammation and enhancing the body’s own natural healing process. For more information visit

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