What To Expect From Home Companion Care

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Assisted Living

When an individual is suffering from memory problems at an older age, it may become necessary to hire someone working for Home Companion Care service. This person would be extremely helpful if the person does not have anyone else available to check on them at certain times. They home companion would go to the home and stay with the elderly person to make sure they are not putting themselves at risk by doing tasks themselves.

A home companion will go to the person’s home and help them throughout the day so they can get things done without risk of injury. When someone is starting to display memory loss, they may forget to turn off a stove or leave the water running in a sink. These tasks could cause damage to the home. When the home companion is present, they will spend time with the person to make sure they are safe in their actions.

Having a home companion will ensure the person is able to do personal hygiene tasks correctly. They can be of assistance in using the bathroom or getting in and out of the shower if necessary. They will be able to remind the elderly person to eat meals or take medication on schedule. They will assist in making the meals if necessary.

Besides watching over the patient, the aide may be available to take them out on the town to get some of their errands completed. This may include grocery shopping, going to the doctor, or simply mailing a letter. The home companion will also keep the elderly person from becoming withdrawn. When there is someone around to speak with, depression is usually not as much of an issue. This companion will talk with the patient, read them books, discuss current events, or even play games with them if asked.

When someone is interested in having a Home Companion Care service available for an elderly relative, they can call a reputable service in the area where the person lives. Contacting The Regency Assisted Living is one way to find out options available for someone displaying the signs of memory loss. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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