Three Reasons Employers Choose Drug Testing in Anderson, OH

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Health

The goal of every employer is to find individuals that are competent and can complete the necessary tasks to get their jobs done. Employees keep a business running smoothly. So why would employers choose to set up Drug Testing in Anderson OH? There are three main reasons why companies might choose to send someone in to be tested.

Incoming Employees

When a new person is going through the hiring process, an employer is looking to see if he or she is going to be a good fit for the company. The goal is to look at a person’s application or resume and determine whether or not the skills needed are present. In addition to the information provided, an employer needs to know that this person does not have a problem that will affect his or her performance at work. For this reason, Drug Testing in Anderson OH is often done before a person is officially hired by the company.

Current Employees Random Testing

Sometimes companies set up random drug testing. There are several reasons to keep things random. Because no one knows in advance whether or he she will be tested, it keeps employees aware of the chance of being tested. For some employees, this is enough to prevent even recreational drug use. It creates a risk that many people aren’t interested in taking. These random tests can often be performed at Eastside Urgent Care as soon as the request is made.

Testing Because of Suspicion

Sometimes an employee begins to act in a manner that causes problems at work. There are several issues that could lead an employer to believe that an employee is under the influence of some type of illegal substance. In these situations, no one wants to make an accusation without accurate information. Instead, a drug test request can be placed.

In each scenario, the goal is to maintain the right type of work atmosphere and ensure that employees are able to handle their daily tasks at work. Once the test is complete and the employer has more information, he or she can decide what should happen next.

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