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What Is a Vaginoplasty?

Today, it is possible to improve many of the features of your body that you are unhappy about or those that may be causing complications for you. Whether it is a quality of life issue or just a desire, many women are choosing vaginoplasty. In more recent times, the procedures for this type of process have become more advanced offering more precise solutions for even the most complicated of scenarios. If you are thinking about this type of procedure, it pays to make an appointment to speak to a trusted plastic surgeon specializing in it.

What the Goal Is

The goal of vaginoplasty is to provide improvements to the vagina. This can accomplish a variety of goals for you depending on the situation. The procedure, which is also called posterior colporrhaphy is one that is usually used to tighten up the vagina. Alternatives to this procedure tend to offer limited benefits, leading many patients to turn to this type of procedure for its more effective results.

There are many reasons to consider this procedure. Most often, it is due to improvements to the vagina’s walls and tissues. After childbirth, for example, it is common for laxity to be present in the walls of the vagina. As a result of this, the tissues, muscles, and tendons are stretched. This can make it hard for women to enjoy sexual intercourse.

This type of procedure is invasive and one that takes careful attention by a specialized provider. If you are thinking about vaginoplasty, be sure to look to a professional specializing in it. This can help ensure the process goes well and the risk of infection or a poor outcome is minimized. It can also help you to learn just how much of a benefit this procedure can offer to you, specifically.

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