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When to Use an Evaluation and Management Coding Tool

How well are the coding services in your facility doing? It’s likely even if the team you have working with you to provide coding services is good at what they do, they could be missing some of the finer details of coding patient records. This can be a critical issue because it can slow down the process of billing and even lead to lower reimbursement for you and your medical staff. Fortunately, you can use an evaluation and management coding tool to handle the often-challenging task of accurately coding evaluation and management encounters at your facility.

Reduction in Revenue

One reason you may decide to make use of an evaluation and management coding tool is because of the reimbursement issue. If the coding team you have on staff is not accurately reporting encounters physicians have with patients or, for example, reporting codes that have lesser RVUs, it’s a good idea to use a tool, such as a calculator, to take a closer look.

What Can This Tool Do?

While an evaluation and management coding tool cannot replace a skilled coding expert, it can be a great way to check your work and ensure no stone is left unturned in the process of coding challenging E&M encounters between patients and staff. It’s always important to have the most accurate data possible when using one of these tools. Do remember these tools are a helping hand and though they won’t do the work for you, they can give you additional assurance you are coding accurately.

If you would like more information about evaluation and management coding tools or would like to know where to find one online, visit GeBBS Healthcare Solutions online or at 888-539-4282.

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