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There’s nothing worse than aching feet. Interestingly, foot pain occurs for many reasons. Most individuals need Podiatric Medicine in Kenosha WI at some point in their life. A podiatrist specializes in foot and ankle issues. Further, they treat everything from ingrown toenails to arthritis. Here’s a look at some common foot ailments.

That Aching Bunion

A bunion is known as a hallux valgus deformity in podiatric medicine in Kenosha WI. They occur when the joint at the base of the big toe expands. As a result, the big toe grows inward toward the other toes. The result is a painful swollen area on the side of the foot. Studies show that bunions are ten times more common in women. Many experts think narrow toed, high-heeled shoes are to blame. In addition, bunions are genetic and are also caused by arthritis.

The simplest way to deal with bunions is to wear wider shoes. However, many women don’t want to stop wearing fashionable shoes. On the other hand, the podiatrist may want to perform surgery because the foot is badly deformed. The surgery is called a bunionectomy and involves removing the large bony joint. Afterward, the toes are able to go back into place.

A Wart On The Bottom Of The Foot

Plantar’s warts are irregular growths caused by the human papillomavirus. The virus enters the body through open sores and other wounds. The average person will only see dark spots on the bottom of the foot. That’s because the big part of the wart grows inward. One of the most common treatments is keratolytic therapy. Acid is used to try and remove the wart. Another popular treatment is immunotherapy. The virus is treated and therefore the wart goes away.

Diabetic Feet

Individuals with diabetes need to have their feet checked regularly by a podiatrist. Diabetes causes a host of foot problems including vascular disease, neuropathy and ulcers. Diabetics have decreased circulation so the smallest corn can quickly become an ulcer if left untreated. Diabetic neuropathy causes nerve damage and patients can easily burn their feet. They should use their hands to test water before taking a bath. Visit a Podiatrist’s Website to get more information.

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