What Are Some Transgender Reassignment Surgery Options?

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Transgender Surgery

Gender affirmation doesn’t always involve surgical procedures. However, many people choose to undergo at least one transgender reassignment surgery. A medical professional can help people decide if gender reassignment surgery is right for them. There are many procedures, depending on each individual’s unique circumstances.

Penile Construction

Phalloplasty or metoidioplasty is a surgical procedure that includes removing the vagina. It also includes reconstructing the urethra or complete penile reconstruction. A surgeon may use vaginal tissue or tissue from another body part to construct a penis.


A vaginal construction involves several stages. A surgeon removes remove the penis (penectomy) and testes (orchiectomy). The tissue from the penis is then used to construct a vagina, clitoris, and labia.

Top Surgery

Transgender and nonbinary individuals often want to undergo top surgery. This transgender reassignment surgery removes breast tissue to reshape the chest into a more masculine appearance, or a surgeon augments the breast tissue to create a more feminine appearance.

Facial Gender Surgery

Hormone replacement therapy can help achieve some gender-affirming changes to the face. Sometimes, surgical procedures are recommended to create more feminine or masculine features. The nose, cheek, and jaw are often reshaped. Procedures for a feminine look include a brow lift, Adam’s apple reduction, earlobe reduction, lip augmentation, or hairline restoration. The nose and chin may be reshaped, the jaw augmented, and the thyroid cartilage may be enhanced to create an Adam’s apple for a more masculine appearance.

Are you interested in learning more about transgender reassignment surgery? Visit the International Center for Transgender Care.

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