Exploring Options for Gender Reassignment Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Transgender Surgery

Before committing to a full genital reassignment and undergoing transgender surgery from male to female, there are several steps you must first complete along the way. Specialists in transgender health can help support you with both surgical and non-surgical interventions and provide you with a holistic plan for your personal health. Here are a few ways that you can begin your transition before you commit to the full genital reassignment procedure.

Starting with Hormone Replacement Therapy

Before transgender surgery from male to female, most patients turn to HRT, or hormone replacement therapy for a period of time first. This might also involve the removal of facial hair if needed and will depend upon your age when beginning the HRT therapy. Other non-surgical interventions that you may choose to undergo before exploring a full gender reassignment surgery include feminization surgery for your face and breast augmentation.

Other Procedures

If you’re exploring a permanent gender change, there are other smaller procedures you may want to explore besides genital surgery as you move towards a full transgender surgery from male to female. Talk to your surgeon or transgender health care advocate about procedures such as buttocks augmentation, and tracheal shaving procedures to reduce the appearance of your Adam’s apple in your throat. Along with special voice therapies, you may also want to explore voice feminization surgery. Other feminizing surgeries such as facial feminization surgery may also be a good option for you, depending on your personal needs and goals as you complete your transition into your proper and preferred gender. A variety of smaller cosmetic and aesthetic procedures can support your transition, including more common cosmetic treatments such as botox, skin resurfacing, facial fillers, laser vein therapy, chemical and laser peels, and scar removal.

Wherever you are in your gender transition process, make sure you choose services performed by experts with the care and experience to take good care of you and your health.

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