Reasons to Choose a Chicago Clinic for a Thread Facelift

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Cosmetic Surgery

There are thousands of different types of plastic surgery procedures you can get if you want to look different, but some are special procedures that require a lot of skill to pull off properly. For instance, anyone can shoot Botox into different parts of the face with a bit of training, but it takes a lot more skill to pull off a thread facelift. This procedure uses strategic sutures instead of removing skin, and it takes skill to do it properly. If you want one of these procedures, here are some reasons to choose a thread facelift in Chicago.

Quality, Local Surgeons

The first reason to choose Chicago is that it’s one of America’s biggest cities. Not only does it have millions of people, but many people come in from all around just for specialty plastic surgery procedures. This means that the best surgeons in the country can be found here, and that gives you a great chance of having a good facelift.

Experts at the Procedure

A thread facelift in Chicago takes artful skill. Sutures need to pull the skin back just right to lift the face without actually cutting into and removing the skin. This is something that not every plastic surgeon can pull off correctly. A deft hand and an eye for absolute symmetry are necessary, and Chicago is the place to find the right clinics performing this procedure. For more information, contact Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute today.

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