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by | Sep 30, 2016 | Medical Spa

As women age, their bodies begin to experience many changes, signaling a new phase in the cycle of life. Some of these changes are extreme and can be stressful for the women who go through, such as menopause. Some of the ill effects of the aging process include, but are not limited to, a decrease in libido, problems with urinary continence, decrease in lubrication in the vaginal area and, perhaps, pain during intercourse. Fortunately, medical technology has allowed relief for these many problems through a treatment injection called the Thermi-O Shot. Following is information a possible patient may want to know about the treatment.

The Thermi-O Shot is an effective combination of ThermiVa treatments and the O-Shot. The combination is designed to bring relief to lichen sclerosus, increase sexual libido and sensation, bring an end to incontinence, help decrease pain experienced during sexual intercourse, and improve the strength of orgasms. Subsequently, the treatment has gone a long way in giving women back the confidence their menopausal or related conditions have taken.

The ThermiVa treatment involves the use of radiofrequency to help with vaginal health through non-surgical means. The O-Shot, also called the Orgasm Shot, injects blood-borne growth factors into certain parts of the female’s private areas to help with sexual dysfunction and urinary disorders. When the two procedures are linked together, women are given the best of both options. This shot will take less than an hour, and the women will feel the full effect of the shot in a month or less. Although the shot can be given every two years, it is recommended to get the shot at least annually for the best results.

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