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Integrated Pain Management For Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is caused by a diverse array of diseases and disorders, most of which stem from the spinal cord. Conditions affecting related muscles, arteries, lymph glands, and veins can all cause sometimes debilitating pain. This pain is medically known as cervicalgia, and it is often accompanied by a host of related problems. Symptoms from headaches to a stiff neck, muscle pain, and even weakness and tingling from the arms often have disorders of the neck as their root cause.

Those looking for Neck Pain Relief will find that there is also a diverse array of pain management techniques at their disposal. Opioid and non-opioid pain medications often offer a great measure of relief, but they are not a universal solution. Other forms of pain intervention can sometimes work just as well, if not better, than prescription pain killers.

Spinal interventions in the form of minimally invasive surgery or spinal cord stimulation can alleviate neck pain in cases where the spinal column is the underlying cause of pain. Osteopathic treatments are available. Flexibility assessments can help patients and their doctors establish exercise plans that are appropriate to their capabilities. Physical therapy can help them to regain the range of motion necessary for performing daily tasks comfortably. With a truly well-integrated pain intervention, even nutritional and hormonal balance play roles in pain management.

Establishing an integrated plan for Neck Pain Relief helps many patients to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and improve their quality of life. Many find that these treatments encourage better overall health and alleviate related symptoms such as headaches and muscle spasms as well. This is because physicians and other medical professionals working together as a team to provide integrated pain management are able to form a comprehensive picture of the patient’s overall health and work together to address health concerns.

Where some treatments focus only on alleviating one symptom of a debilitating disease, an integrated approach views this symptom as part of a larger whole and attempts to provide adequate rehabilitation based on this model. Those suffering from neck pain can visit to find out more integrated pain management and to schedule an appointment with a specializing physician. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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