Tips for Dealing With Hayfever in Elizabethtown KY

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Allergy-doctor

Hay Fever is a condition that is caused when a person is allergic to the pollen that is released by grass, wildflowers, and other plants. People who suffer from Hay Fever generally have symptoms in the spring and fall, when pollen is at its peak. It is important for people to know how to deal with their hayfever in Elizabethtown KY so they can find relief from their symptoms and be able to live normally during peak seasons.

Allergy physicians recommend the following tips for dealing with Hay Fever symptoms:

     *     It is important to keep the window and doors of a home and car closed as much as possible to avoid exposure to pollen.

     *     When driving in the car, make sure the AC is set on recirculate, so pollen and dust do not enter the car.

     *     Dehumidifiers are crucial for keeping moisture levels low, so mold does not become a problem.

     *     Hay Fever sufferers should avoid wooded areas or areas where there is large plant growth because they can be exposed to large amounts of pollen.

     *     On hot, dry days, it can be helpful for people to stay indoors as much as they can so they limit their exposure.

     *     One should always wear a mask when mowing grass or trimming weeds. If one has trouble with eye allergy symptoms, a pair of goggles should be worn.

     *     After being outdoors, it is important people take a shower to remove any accumulated pollen in their hair and on their skin.

If you are dealing with the symptoms of hayfever in Elizabethtown KY, now is the time to seek treatment so you can find relief. An allergist can perform allergy testing to find the cause of your symptoms and can prescribe medications to reduce or even stop the symptoms you are having.

For more information on the available Hay Fever treatments, Visit Dr. Smith Allergy. There is no reason to suffer through another allergy season when there are so many treatment options available. With a consultation appointment, you can learn which treatment will be beneficial for your needs. Call the office today to schedule your appointment.

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