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Senior Living in Farmington, CT: Brightening the Golden Years

Every year about 4 million Americans retire and most look forward to active, interesting lives. Despite their careful planning, circumstances leave many of them alone as they lose spouses and friends. Fortunately, modern facilities like Shady Oaks Assisted Living offer solutions for these seniors and their families. They provide Senior Living in Farmington CT which offers a way for guests to make new friends and enjoy interesting lifestyles in a safe, secure environment.

Seniors Bloom in a Friendly Community

Many families first Visit when they are worried about lonely elderly relatives. No matter what kind of lifestyle the elderly have enjoyed, even the most energetic can get lonely as they age. Sometimes their health and emotional outlook suffer as a result. However, when they choose senior living in Farmington CT many truly begin to enjoy their golden years. They make friends, learn new skills and begin to have active social lives. They can dine in friendly groups and be served delicious, carefully prepared meals.

Guests Maintain Dignity and Independence

The goal of a fine senior residence is to provide the exact care needed to keep guests healthy but also independent. Each resident is evaluated to make sure they have the help they need. Many healthy older residents are able to regain happy, active lives, but with more amenities. They live in tastefully furnished units which include housekeeping and laundry service. Guests can garden, use fitness equipment, have their hair done and take trips with friends.

Professional Help Is Always Close

Despite the country club lifestyle, senior communities offer residents exceptional care and safety. Caregivers monitor guests’ needs and make sure that they get necessary help with personal care, grooming, doctor visits, therapy or nursing. Every unit includes a call button that summons help 24/7. There are also special memory care programs for those with problems such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

For many seniors, the golden years really begin once they move to assisted living communities. Lonely elders often trade isolated lives for vibrant exciting activities and new friends. They also enjoy group dining, housekeeping services and 24/7 personalized attention from friendly caregivers.

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