Things to Know About Botox Cosmetic Services by San Antonio Dermatologists

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Health

Botox injections provided by a dermatologist lead to facial appearance improvements. These cosmetic services in San Antonio are useful for men and women wanting to rejuvenate their appearance. Botox reduces fine lines and wrinkles, which most commonly develop near the eyelids and on the forehead. Some patients also want Botox above the upper lip.

How It Works

The active ingredient in Botox is botulinum toxin type A. It works by keeping muscles relaxed. That decreases the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines, and lines above the lips and between the eyebrows. Lines and wrinkles develop when a person repeatedly makes certain facial movements over many years. Ultraviolet light exposure worsens the problem.

Results to Expect

Botox does not create dramatic changes in appearance like a facelift does. Instead, the injections enhance the person’s natural attractiveness by significantly reducing marks that are signs of aging and could be considered flaws. As patients continue to receive these cosmetic services in San Antonio as needed, the amount of time between treatments can be extended as the muscles stay relaxed longer.

Choosing a Doctor

Someone might wonder whether it’s better to choose a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for Botox injections. Either practitioner is suitable. When choosing a dermatologist, it’s important to select a doctor who is board-certified by a professional organization like the American Board of Dermatology. This guarantees a better-than-average level of knowledge and expertise. Dermatologists might list their affiliations with other professional organizations on the website.

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