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by | Mar 14, 2022 | Healthcare

Significant progress has been made in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but many U.S. residents still are not fully vaccinated. Healthcare organizations are using various strategies to encourage people to complete the vaccination process. For example, free COVID vaccinations in Palatine are available; men and women simply need to schedule an appointment.

Relevant Statistics

As of March 2022, about 68% of the Illinois population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. That’s according to Our World in Data. The numbers in Illinois are somewhat better than that of the country as a whole, with about 65% fully vaccinated.

Nevertheless, this still leaves about 1/3 of the state and the nation at higher risk of infection. Organizations offering a free COVID vaccination appointment in Palatine appointment hope this opportunity will persuade those who have been hesitant.

Reasons for Partial Vaccination Status

Of that 1/3, a large number have received one shot but not the second or the booster. People have varying reasons for this choice. The most common reason reported is the side effects they experienced with the first dose. Although most people experience very mild side effects like arm pain and fatigue, others feel as though they have seasonal flu. A small percentage feel very ill for a few days.

Important Considerations

COVID-19 infection is a significantly higher risk than bothersome side effects from a vaccination. Even mild cases of the disease can require one or two weeks for recovery, leaving the person to miss many workdays. Anyone who wants to find out more about getting a free COVID vaccination may visit the website

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