4 Tips for Choosing the Right Senior Care in Washington, D.C.

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Healthcare Service

Finding a senior care in Washington, DC, for a loved one doesn’t have to be hard. The perfect match exists as long as family members know where to look. Here are some questions to ask to simplify the process when finding a place for a loved one.

  1. What Kind of Assistance Does the Person Need?

Not all seniors require the same type of care. Some older adults are capable of managing their daily tasks, while others need more help. Assisted living facilities don’t provide as much hands-on care as nursing facilities and memory care facilities do.

  1. What Does the Loved One Want?

If one’s parent, aunt, uncle, or other loved one has decision-making capabilities, ask them what they want. Everyone is less resistant to change when they feel like they have a say in their circumstances.

  1. Has a Visit Been Scheduled with the Senior Care Facility?

Never choose a facility blindly. To find the right fit, and avoid loved ones being displaced and moved from place to place, it’s important to visit the facility, meet the staff, interact with other residents, and see the accommodations. If possible, schedule a visit during a meal or activity time.

  1. What Kind of Medical Care Is Offered?

Does the facility have 24-hour nursing assistance? What happens if there is a medical emergency? Ask these questions and more to make sure loved ones are well taken care of if a medical issue would arise.

With so many options for senior care in Washington, DC, finding the right fit is easier than imagined. Consider VMT Home Health Agency for home care and rehabilitation services. Learn more at https://vmthc.com.

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