Pet Care in Richmond Focuses on Prevention

by | Nov 5, 2016 | Health

Like people, pets normally respond best to being seen by one doctor over a period of time. If the pet sees one vet, the doctor is not only familiar with the pet’s history, but he or she also is acquainted with the pet’s owner. Over time, a pet owner and veterinarian can develop a mutually respectful partnership that focuses on keeping a pet healthy throughout his or her life.

Maintaining an Ongoing Relationship

That same relationship is essential if your pet needs to see a specialist. Pet care in Richmond focuses on maintaining a strong vet-owner relationship. Even if your pet is examined by more than one vet in the same practice, he or she is still receiving care in the same place.

After all, the attending veterinarian has access to your pet’s records, which are all current and up-to-date. In addition, a practice’s technicians ensure a continuity of care that is open and direct. Well-run facilities such as the Business Name take all these aspects into account with respect to both pet care and prevention.

Setting Your Priorities

However, that being said, sometimes pet owners feel uncomfortable about communicating with a veterinarian who they don’t know that well. Fortunately, if you feel this way, there is a way to overcome this kind of hurdle, and that is to concentrate on preventive care.

Concentrate on Prevention – Don’t Wait Until a Health Issue is Out of Control

When you focus on working with a veterinarian in preventing health issues instead of reacting to health emergencies, you are making a positive move. Doing so can help you resolve little issues before they become major health concerns. You will also save your pet any unneeded suffering when you use this pet care approach.

Visit a veterinarian’s office twice a year for a comprehensive exam. During these sessions, the vet can review prevention strategies including parasite control, good nutrition, and weight control.

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