What Is Breast Enhancement In Naperville IL And Who Benefits?

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Health

Breast enhancement in Naperville IL is an augmentative surgery that uses saline or silicone implants to augment the size of the breasts and restore volume that’s been lost from pregnancy or weight loss. In medical terminology, it’s considered augmentation mammoplasty.

What It Does

Primarily, it is used to increase the projection and fullness of your breasts. It can also balance out your figure and make you appear more proportional with the hips and waist. Likewise, it is designed to be a cosmetic procedure that enhances your self-confidence and self-image, making you feel more comfortable with your body.

In some cases, implants are also used to help reconstruct the breasts after an injury or mastectomy.

What It Can’t Do

Breast enhancement in Naperville IL isn’t designed to correct sagging breasts, nor should it be used as a weight-loss option. If you have saggy breasts, you may choose to have a breast lift and may use it in conjunction with implants to achieve fuller firmer breasts.

Some women incorrectly believe that fat can be removed from other body parts and placed into the chest area. However, this is untrue, and the procedure isn’t designed to be used as a weight-loss option.

Who Benefits?

Anyone who is physically healthy and has realistic expectations can take advantage of this surgery. Therefore, you should talk to your surgeon about what you expect from the surgery to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate. Likewise, women who smoke may be asked to stop before having the surgery and may require testing to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.

Breast enhancement in Naperville IL is an excellent option for women who want to increase the volume and size of their breasts. Visit the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery online at https://cclscosmetic.com/breast/breast-augmentation/ to request a consultation or learn more.

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