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New Jersey Drug Rehab Facilities They are Not All the Same

New Jersey Drug rehab facilities are not all the same, and it shows in the results that they get. A lot of people are under the impression that picking any of the New Jersey drug rehab facilities will get the job done but there are some critical differences in the facilities that can affect your ability to enter recovery and stay in recovery.

Here Is What Drug Rehab is Not

It is far easier to list the things that a drug rehab facility should NOT be, than it is to list all the things that it should be to be an effective recovery option.  Narrowing down your options is easier by elimination:

1. Drug rehab is not punishment
2. Drug rehab is not magical
3. Drug rehab is not based on archaic thinking

The Punishment Model

Drug rehabilitation should not be delivered in a model that is based on punishment or authoritarian approaches. For drug rehabilitation to be effective it requires the voluntary participation of the addict. If that vital component is missing because the participant feels like they are being punished instead of helped, the rehabilitation will not work.

The Magical Solution

Some facilities offer “magic solutions” but the reality is, it is work. It requires work from providers and from patients for rehab to be successful. The goal should not be to provide a magical cure but to help provide you with the tools that you need to affect the change.

The Old Ways

There are a lot of outdated ways of doing things when it comes providing therapies. Models for treatment have evolved and continue to evolve using outdated methods will get unfavorable results.

Behavioral Crossroads offers the services that reflect what drug rehab facilities SHOULD offer!

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