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Find a Primary Care Doctor for Your Baby

When you become a new parent, you will discover very quickly the need to have a primary care doctor. A pediatrician is just as important as having a nursery and crib for your baby. As a new parent you will learn fast that babies are notorious for getting sick in the middle of the night with chronic colic or painful earaches when you least expect it. A pediatrician can be your saving grace to your sanity. You may even receive advice from family, friends, and even strangers on which pediatrician to go to. However, this is an important decision therefore you want to find a pediatric professional that fits best with you and your child. You can find a primary care doctor in San Diego by using the service offered by a reputable medical group.

Primary Care Doctor Offers Wellness Child Examinations

During any wellness child examination, a variety of immunizations, assessment tests, and physical measurements will be given to your baby by a primary care doctor. Their physical measurements, weight, and height are tracked from birth through 18 months of age, and evaluations of their reproductive organs, abdomen, heart, lungs, neck, and head will be done to asses any problems in development. Starting at around the age of 3, urine tests, blood tests, and blood pressure checks will be taken to monitor your child’s health which can be important in determining the development of their immune system, as well as testing for diseases such as leukemia, anemia, diabetes, or conditions involving their heart. Another part of wellness child examinations apart from the physical condition of your child are tests that will involve their current level of mental acuity, motor skills, hearing, and vision. Primary care doctor wants to know when your child begins to crawl, walk, and pull themselves up.

Start Your Search for a Primary Care Doctor Today

You should begin your search for a primary care doctor before your baby is born, so you have a pediatrician ready for your newborns checkup and preventive care checkups that follow close of giving birth. Children’s Physicians Medical Group can assist you in helping you find a professional primary care doctor today when you use their service. They offer full access to primary care doctors, services, and facilities. The pediatric professionals you find will have extensive training for unique health care needs of newborns, children, and teenagers.

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