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Investing in Suture Stations for Nurse Safety in Your Hayward Clinic

Nurses are important for doctors and physicians assistants to have on hand during minor surgical procedures. When a patient needs stitches, for example, the doctor or PA relies on the nurse to provide equipment so that the suturing can be done quickly and with as little pain as possible.

When you want to enhance nurse safety, you need to make available resources for your nursing staff to use during such treatments. You can start by investing in suture stations that nurses can access and use whenever a patient needs to have a wound sutured closed.

Selection of Needles

The suture stations come equipped with a small selection of needles that are most often used for suturing. They are small and compact, allowing them to be picked up and used anywhere in the clinic without the nurse having to haul around heavy equipment or trays.

The nurse can easily pick up the needles without sticking herself because the station has an adhesive pad to keep the sharps intact and in place. He or she can select the right one for the doctor or PA and avoid the worry that he or she will get stuck.

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