Important Things to Know About Hayfever in Evansville, IN

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Health

Different seasons and weather conditions influence the severity of Hayfever in Evansville IN that many individual’s experience. One person is afflicted only in late summer, especially during dry weather when weed pollen is likely to blow around. Another person deals with a runny nose and wheezing in the spring, particularly when wet weather sends tree pollen raining down onto buildings, cars, and the ground.

Some people have unpleasant seasonal allergy symptoms most of the year, finding relief only when plants go dormant or die. Pollen and mold spores disappear from the air but may still lurk in their homes and vehicles or in other buildings people visit. Winter isn’t even a perfect solution for these unfortunate individuals. People also may be allergic to mold spores that tend to be more prevalent in warm weather.

Fundamental Cause

As with other allergies, hay fever is caused by the immune system erroneously considering a harmless substance to be a harmful one. The immune system’s reaction is to release a chemical known as histamine to attack the allergen. Histamine causes the symptoms associated with hay fever.

Risk Factors

Researchers have determined some risk factors that make a person more susceptible to developing Hayfever in Evansville IN. As might be expected, seasonal allergies tend to run in families. A more surprising factor is that someone born during a high pollen time of year is more likely to develop hay fever. In addition, babies and young children who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk of developing seasonal allergies.

Seeking Help

Some people just put up with this annoying situation, but others seek help from an allergist. They don’t like feeling lousy for weeks on end, and they don’t want to stay inside all the time in an effort to avoid pollen.

The allergist performs skin testing to verify which substances the patient reacts to. Possible therapies range from prescription medication that doesn’t make the patient feel drowsy to regular allergy shots that gradually desensitize the person to the allergen. Anyone who wants to get help from one of these specialists may Meet Dr. Steven Smith by starting at the clinic’s website.

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