How A Pet Hospital In Roswell Can Help Your Pet

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Veterinarian

In Georgia, vets provide fast treatment for common emergencies and illnesses. The conditions include injuries from attacks by other animals and accidents. The vet provides surgeries and prescription treatments, too. A local Pet Hospital in Roswell accommodates all the health needs of regional pets.

Managing Hairballs for Cats

Hairballs are a major concern for cats. Daily grooming leads to the accumulation of hair in their stomach. If the hair doesn’t break down, the cats expel the hairball and the contents of their stomach. It is an unpleasant condition for the pets and their owners.

Hairball control is provided in two ways. Grooming services lower the volume of loose hair the cat swallows. Specialized pet foods increase dietary fiber and make it easier to digest the cat hair.

Wound Treatment and Accident Care

Cats and dogs are likely to get involved in accidents related to automobiles and other animals. The pet hospital provides fast wound treatment and accident care. The vet provides stitches and antibiotics as needed. Surgical procedures are performed for more complex injuries.

Quarantines and Assessments

Dogs that bite a human or become overly aggressive require a quarantine period. The vet conducts a complete assessment of the dog and determines if rabies transmission has occurred. The hospital provides vaccinations for dogs and cats as outline in local laws. The hospital provides boarding services if the animal control officer demands a quarantine period.

Spaying and Neutering Services

It is recommended that all pet owners get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. The process controls the pet population and prevents an influx of unwanted pets in local shelters. The procedures also lower common health concerns for the pets.

Behavioral Counseling and Training

Cats and dogs exhibiting anxiety or depression undergo assessments, too. The hospital provides pet owners with treatments to improve their pet’s mood and keep them happier. Behavioral training programs are also provided at the hospital.

In Georgia, veterinarian services involve dietary assessments and immediate treatments. The vets provide pet owners with recommendations for behavioral issues and offer pet training. Pet owners who want to learn more about services offered at a Pet Hospital in Roswell visit right now.

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