Expectations From Your First Meeting With a New Chiropractor

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Chiropractic

Whether you’ve been injured while playing sports or there are issues with your spine that need relief, consider seeking the assistance of a chiropractor. The goal of a West Loop chiropractic office is to try to relieve the pain that you’re experiencing and any other symptoms that you have in a manner that is the least invasive and in the shortest time. Here are a few things that you can expect from your first visit to the office.


Before any exams are performed, the doctor will ask questions about your symptoms and what you’ve been doing to try to relieve them on your own. The doctor will also want to know if there are any other professionals you’ve seen about your symptoms. After learning more about why you’re at the West Loop chiropractic office, you’ll begin the process of determining what kind of treatment is needed by having a few exams performed.


One of the things that the doctor will likely do is order an X-ray. If your symptoms are severe, then an MRI could be ordered to determine if there is an issue going on that a routine X-ray can’t detect. Your range of motion will be examined as well as the strength of your muscles. Your reflexes will also be examined to determine if there could be an issue with the nerves in your body. Sometimes, your doctor might want to perform a lab test to see if there are issues with your blood that need to be addressed.


After your doctor has a diagnosis, you can begin treatments. Spinal adjustments often deliver the best results. Heat therapy is an option to consider, as well. If treatments don’t work or there is a severe issue that needs to be addressed, then the surgery could be an option that your doctor performs.

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