Eliminate the Embarrassment of Thinning Hair With Womens Hair Treatment in Arizona

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Health

Nearly 25 percent of all American women suffer from some form of hair thinning or loss. By the time they reach the age of 65 that number jumps to at least 50 percent and possibly as high as 80 percent according to some surveys. Hair loss in women is different from what men experience. The areas of the scalp that frequently experience the loss differ as do the causes. Most men that experience hair loss have a genetic predisposition for baldness. Nearly 95 percent of the hair loss women endure has other causes like hormones, stress or illness. Diet, shampoos and serums may help, but are limited in their effectiveness.

The majority of women with hair loss will not seek help for their problem. Only 12 percent choose restoration treatments as a solution. This leaves many to waste money on beauty products that offer no help or to suffer with hair that prematurely ages their appearance. Womens Hair Treatment in Arizona offers many options that could return hair to its previous thick and youthful appearance. it does not require the use of harmful glues or binding processes that damage the natural hair and the scalp.

Restoration services do not have to mean undergoing invasive procedures either. There are many options available today that help to thicken and regrow lost hair and additional services offer hope even when these methods do not succeed. Extensions and replacement hair are secure solutions that stay in place and blend easily into the natural hair.

Womens Hair Treatment in Arizona looks so natural that no one will ever know it is not actual, growing hair. There is no restriction on length or hair styles and the new strands will be easy to color and style as desired. The lightweight additions will not harm the natural hair and are comfortable to wear. Regular appointments keep the hair looking its best and a schedule of touch ups every 2-8 weeks is common. The technician will establish a custom schedule with each client. Browse site to see before and after pictures and to learn more about the treatment methods available. Contact the salon for a consultation to see what method is recommended.

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