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Effective Ozone Treatment For Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you have probably tried multiple medications and treatment methods. Chronic pain can be draining both physically and mentally, but there is hope thanks to new methods that are constantly being developed. One such method is Ozone Treatment for pain in Houston.

What Is Ozone?: Ozone is a gas that is found in nature that is composed of three oxygen molecules- while the oxygen that we are used to breathing is composed of only two. The triple oxygen configuration makes ozone bad for inhalation. In face, you may know ozone as a bad chemical and be quite weary of anything that contains ozone. While it’s true that inhaling ozone will damage your lungs, certain methods of treatment that use ozone, have proven to be highly effective at treating a number of conditions, including conditions that cause chronic pain. Ozone Treatment for pain in Houston has been widely studied as a new, cutting edge technology to treat conditions such as herniated disks, lower back pain and diabetes. In some cases Ozone Treatment for pain in Houston may even replace surgery.

How does Ozone Treatment for pain in Houston Work?: Ozone Treatment for pain in Houston works by activating the body’s immune system and natural healing mechanisms. In most cases, ozone is injected at the site of pain and helps treat the underlying condition.

Consult Your Doctor: Your doctor will know whether you are a candidate for Ozone Treatment for pain in Houston. Because the technology is new, many doctors may not be aware of its existence or may simply prefer to stick with the methods that they have been taught. However, if you bring Ozone Treatment for pain in Houston with your doctor, he or she can take time to find out more and can educate you on the risks and benefits of the procedure as they pertain to your specific condition.

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