Custom Orthotics Shoes in Columbus OH Allow People to Continue an Active Lifestyle

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Health

Custom Orthotics Shoes in Columbus OH are specially designed for each patient’s feet, which gives them significant advantages over general over-the-counter versions. The comfort and fit is ideal, and the customization is intended to address the particular problem this person experiences. People wear orthotic devices for a variety of reasons, and many are likely to find certain designs better than others depending on their individual needs.

Prescription Orthotics vs. Shoe Inserts

An appointment with podiatrist can help determine whether a patient’s foot problems can be helped by regular shoe inserts or whether Custom Orthotics Shoes in Columbus OH are advisable. Although it may be tempting to skimp on quality if insurance doesn’t cover the orthotics or orthotic shoes, the person must consider how comfortable the devices will be and how much more function they can support. It’s pointless to buy shoe inserts off the shelf and still not be able to stand and walk as much as the person wants to.

Shoe inserts might be advertised as orthotic devices, but technically, that’s inaccurate. Orthotics are prescription products available from a facility such as Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc. They are particularly useful for people dealing with tendinitis, severely fallen arches and pain caused by chronic plantar fasciitis. People with mild cases of flat feet often can get by with shoe inserts if they feel discomfort from time to time.

The Process

What can a person expect in the process of obtaining prescription orthotics? First, the foot doctor will diagnose or confirm the disorder these devices are intended to treat. Precise measurements of the foot will be taken. The prescription will identify shape, size and material for this medical equipment. Assistants at the center can show the customer how to place and wear the orthotics, and practice walking with the devices or the orthotic shoes. There also is an aspect of cleaning and caring for orthotics.

Although the equipment may seem simple enough, it is a powerful way to improve a person’s comfort and ability while standing and doing other activities on the feet. That can help prevent an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and allow the person to continue all the activities he or she enjoys.

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