Insurance and Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Fargo ND After an Accident

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Health

An insurance settlement after an accident should not only include payment for immediate medical expenses but also for ongoing and future physical therapy to help relieve Back Pain in Fargo ND. Physical therapy is recognized as the most effective way to speed healing for numerous types of problems that can be caused by a vehicle accident or a fall, including compression fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Herniated Discs

A fall or other type of accident can cause issues such as herniated discs, also called ruptured or bulging discs. This is especially likely if the person already had some degree of arthritis in the spine. That is relatively common as people reach their middle age and senior years. Back Pain in Fargo ND from a herniated disc can be debilitating at times, preventing the person from standing or sitting comfortably. The individual may sporadically need time off from work and experiences a reduced quality of life. Physical therapy can help.

Spinal discs that have slipped from their proper position sometimes have a tendency to continue doing so. This can be very aggravating to the person afflicted with the condition, who suffers intense discomfort when the vertebrae in the area do not have the gel padding between them and thus press on the nerves.

Insurance Coverage

If there are delays with an insurance settlement that is supposed to cover all expenses, the patient’s health insurance should cover physical therapy at a center such as RehabAuthority in the meantime. This type of therapy is generally included in the policy as a medical necessity. The patient should obtain a referral from his or her doctor to make sure there are no questions about this.

Treatment Goals

Ongoing physical therapy may be combined with other care, such as chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. The person may have several goals in this combination of care. One is to coax the ruptured discs back into place and maintain that ideal situation. Another is to dramatically reduce pain now and also in the future if any discs slip back out temporarily. A third is to avoid back surgery. Visit  to learn about this particular therapy center.

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