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Caring for Others at the Medical Clinic in Maui

When it comes to fulfilling health-care needs, people want to be treated as individuals and given personal care. That is why small clinic practices are still prevalent in health-care. Having the right doctor and personnel is something no one should have to compromise on. Finding the right Medical Clinic in Maui to get individual treatment can seem like an impossibility. The doctors of Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care provide key resources and services to residents as well as visitors. Their services provide coverage for a wide range of medical issues or emergencies.

Their family practice provides expert medical assistance to Maui locals and their families. The knowledgeable practitioners of the clinic are equipped to treat individuals of all ages. Like any good clinic, they are able to provide newborns with immunization vaccines, and they are also adept at providing preventative health-care. The physicians serve the community in other ways by providing behavioral counseling and birth control options to families in need.

Extending their services beyond the immediate community, they offer walk-in urgent care to visitors as well as members of the community. Providing expertise and up to date facilities, the physicians here are able to provide exceptional diagnoses for patients. The clinic does round the clock emergency service and also provides IV fluids, X-Rays, and dispenses prescription medications for patients in need.

Few medical clinics are as equipped to treat families and visitors alike, but this Medical Clinic in Maui is also able to provide special prescription drug services to visitors from the mainland US or other countries. Most visitors are unaware that they will be unable to refill their prescriptions while visiting the island if their home physician is not licensed in Hawaii. However, same day service can be provided by Wailea’s Urgent Care facilities. Visitors can also set it up so that medicines can be delivered to their hotels, making this even more convenient.

Aside from providing a vast array of clinical and emergency services, these doctors provide a hands on and personable environment with each patient to ensure their comfort. To make themselves more accessible, the Wailea Medical Center accepts a wide variety of insurance and health-care providers to help unburden patients.

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