Benefits of Having and Using a Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Medical Equipment Supplier

When you spend most of your days taking care of animals, you find that there are a lot of machines that could make your job easier. For example, a veterinary ultrasound machine can detect things that an x-ray can’t. A portable veterinary ultrasound machine is even better because then you can treat larger animals right in the safe and comfortable spaces in which they reside. There are a few good reasons why investing in a portable veterinary ultrasound machine for your veterinary practice is just smart business.

Owners Don’t Have to Worry About Pregnant Animals Traveling

A common use for a veterinary ultrasound machine is to detect pregnancy and see a live baby inside its mother. For horses, cows, and lots of other not easily transported animals, this is a major plus. The owners don’t risk the pregnant mother’s health and well-being by loading her into a cattle car or horse trailer and transporting to your clinic. The animal remains safely in the barn while you perform the ultrasound testing.

It Easily Fits into Most Transport Vehicles

Whether you drive a Jeep, an SUV, or a truck to your farm calls, the portable veterinary ultrasound will fit in your vehicle with the rest of your equipment and supplies. It also stores well in your clinic; you won’t have to make a lot of room for it. If you would like to take a look at this machine, or possibly purchase a veterinary ultrasound for your practice, contact Ultra Select Medical via

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