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Why There Is a Growing Market for Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

It is common for older Pittsburgh homes to include multiple stories and one or two sets of stairs. In fact, sweeping stairways are often selling features for young buyers. Unfortunately, accidents, disease, and age can turn a multi-story home into a problem that prevents residents from accessing all of a home’s rooms. That is one reason there has been a growing demand for Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA. Once lifts are in place, residents regain their independence and feel much safer. Some even save the costs of moving to assisted living communities.

Stair Lifts Help Clients Remain Independent

Professionals like McArdle Surgical provide and install stair lifts and make it easy for mobility-challenged customers to move around their homes. Many residents have been confined to one floor for months or years. After Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA homes, residents can get around without difficulty. Lifts are ideal for those with arthritis. Some elderly clients have them installed because they simply find it exhausting to walk up and down steep stairs.

Stair Lifts Prevent Accidents

Homeowners often add stair lifts as an extra safety measure. Clients who want to age in place may include lifts in other alterations that allow them to remain in their homes for life. Even those who are a bit younger use lifts to prevent accidents. Falling down steep stairways can be devastating for anyone. Some clients who live alone in multi-story homes order stair lifts because they are worried about falling and not being found.

Stair Lifts Often Save Owners Money

Installing a stair lift can solve family problems and help homeowners save money. Grown children often worry that elderly parents will not do well in homes with stairs. They often encourage parents to move to expensive assisted living facilities. However, many self-reliant seniors solve the problem with stair lifts. They safely maintain their mobility and avoid the high costs of moving to a nursing home.

There is a growing demand for stair lifts as more mobility-challenged and elderly homeowners decide to remain in their multi-story homes. Stair lifts allow them to maintain their independence, avoid falling down stairs, and save the cost and problems of moving to assisted living homes. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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