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When to See a Dermatologist in Lehigh Valley, PA

Dermatologists are doctors that specialize in providing medical and cosmetic care for patients’ skin, including the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of skin disorders and diseases. They can provide both topical and oral solutions for a number of serious skin diseases, screen patients for skin cancer, and even perform minor skin surgeries. Read on to find out about a few of the most common reasons to visit a dermatologist in Lehigh Valley PA below.

Stubborn Acne

Mild cases of acne can usually be controlled using over the counter products and gentle, healing skincare routines. However, if these creams don’t work, it might be beneficial to schedule a visit with a dermatologist to discuss effective prescription options. Those who are suffering from cystic acne, which can be quite painful and can lead to permanent scarring, usually find that they get better results from visiting a doctor instead of using at-home treatments.

Persistent Rashes

Eczema and other forms of dermatitis can cause uncomfortable inflammation and uncontrollable itching and flaking. Patients who are suffering from these symptoms may want to ensure that they are not actually experiencing an allergy to one or more of their skin care products. However, if they have ruled out allergies, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

Skin Discolorations

Unusual discoloration can be more than just aesthetically unappealing. Sometimes, it can be an indicator of serious problems, such as skin cancer. Most dermatologists agree that all patients should be screened routinely for skin cancer regardless of their age and skin color, though those with fair skin who are prone to sunburns tend to be at higher risk for developing skin cancer and may want to be screened more frequently.

Stubborn Warts

There are plenty of over the counter products designed to help patients get rid of their own warts, but unfortunately, they’re not always as effective as their advertising firms would have patients believe. Those who have already tried to treat their warts at home without success often find that it’s much easier to simply schedule an appointment with a Dermatologist in Lehigh Valley PA, who will be able to provide more effective and nearly immediate results. Browse our website for additional information about treatment options.

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