What To Expect During Surprise AZ Laser Hair Removal

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Medical Spa

Laser hair removal Surprise AZ is a procedure that many people decide that they want to partake in but do not necessarily know what to expect. This will give you more insight on what to expect during and after the procedure has been conducted.

During the Procedure

The lasers utilized for Surprise AZ laser hair removal are very precise and can be adjusted according to what region they are going to be used in. This will depend also on the hair’s thickness, color and skin color as well. Prior to arriving, it is always suggested to be as clean as possible, as well as dry.

Eye protection will be used as well to protect you against the strong lasers. If you are getting an area like your legs done – you should expect a handheld wand to be used, light pressure will be applied to the area and the device may have a tip that cools when combined with a gel that goes on your skin. Depending on how sensitive your skin is also, the technician may utilize a topical anesthetic to ensure that you feel no pain during the procedure.

You will feel several pulsing sensations during the procedure and the technician will observe the area for a few minutes to ensure that you aren’t experiencing pain or having an adverse reaction. If you are not having any pain or reactions, the procedure will resume. If the area that is being treated is small – it may only take a few minutes to complete the procedure whereas if you were getting an area like your whole back done, it may take a few hours.

When the Procedure is Completed

After Surprise AZ laser hair removal is completed, you may receive some icepacks to relieve any pain and be told what can also help. There are various anti-inflammatory creams that can assist in reducing swelling and any symptoms should be gone within a couple hours. Aloe (the kind used for after sun care) is also great in not only leaving a cooling sensation but to help heal and remove redness as well.

Final Results

Results will vary from person to person and desired effects may be different amongst people as well. While some are looking for more permanent solutions – others may be looking for a temporary solution because they have an event coming up. Hair regrowth is always a possibility so see how your body reacts and speak with the technician about making the treatment plan that is best suited to fit your needs. Feel free to contact estheticbrilliance.com.

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