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What to Consider When Choosing a Pediatric Doctor

Choosing the perfect doctor from your options of pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC can be a time-consuming process. You want to have a doctor ready before you ever give birth to ensure the health and wellness of the newborn baby. This person will become close to your family and you want to be comfortable with the choice you make. We have some tips for making sure you make the right decision for yourself and your child.

Do Needed Research

In order to get started with choosing the right pediatrician for your child, consider making a list based on recommendations from friends and family members. After you have some options ready, think about things like the hours, whether after-hours care is available, and where the office is located. You should also inquire about whether the pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC are taking new patients and are covered by your insurance plan.

Look at Experience

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the care of children, infants, and adolescents. They go to medical school and train in this area. After completing a residency, many of these doctors go on to become board certified. This is important, but so is experience. You want to know how long a doctor has been practicing and doing what. While a doctor who has only done private practice may be a great physician, one who has worked in different environments may have additional skills.

Up to Date with Current Practices

Practices in health care can change on a dime and you want a physician who is current on research so they can offer the best care for your child. For example, in the past, parents were told to swab the stump of the umbilical cord with alcohol, but later research shows this could cause problems with healing quickly. Knowing your physician is aware of new research ensures your child is kept as healthy as possible at all times.

Consider Connection

Just as important as the above factors is how you get along with the doctor. Go in and meet the person you are considering to be sure you mesh well. Ask them about their style of care and see if it meets your needs. Being confident in your doctor and their practices is of the utmost importance.

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