What Is Urgent Care?

by | May 4, 2023 | Medical And Health

If you’re not well, or you’ve been injured, it may be appropriate to seek urgent care in Branson MO to treat your symptoms. This type of care can be beneficial when you need to be seen within a short period of time, and your regular physician is unavailable to see you. Life threatening illnesses and emergencies require emergency room care, but urgent care in Branson MO is available for extended hours for non-life threatening conditions you may find yourself suffering from.

When you arrive at an urgent care center, you’ll register with a receptionist and typically will be asked to give a brief description of your problem. Wait times are usually considerably shorter at urgent care centers as compared to emergency rooms, especially because critical patients are seen first in an emergency room situation, and you may be forced to wait for long periods of time. With urgent care, however, you’re usually seen relatively quickly for diagnosis and treatment.

Sports injuries are common with both children and adults, and most of these can be treated through urgent care in Branson MO. Sprains, strains, minor fractures, and cuts that require stitches can usually be treated quickly and efficiently, and diagnostic tools such as x-rays are available on site for rapid analysis by trained professionals.

Colds and flu like symptoms are common symptoms that are treated in urgent care. Headaches, body aches, and vomiting can quickly escalate to more serious issues if they are not addressed quickly. Dehydration or respiratory infections can develop, so it is important to be seen and treated before your condition worsens.

Sometimes, the doctor may need blood tests or throat cultures to offer a correct diagnosis. At Total Point Urgent Care Missouri, these tests can be performed on site and are processed rapidly, sometimes the same day, so you can begin to treat your symptoms as soon as possible, and begin to recover sooner. Some urgent care centers may also provide minor surgical procedures, travel vaccinations, and treatments of workplace injuries.

Patients of all ages can be effectively treated by medical personnel at an urgent care center. Pediatrics, adults, and geriatrics are all welcome and can be treated. Some visit these centers because their regular physician is unable to make a timely appointment, while others may use them while traveling, or when seeing their regular physician is inconvenient for some reason. For life threatening injuries, however, call 417-544-1241 and seek treatment from an emergency care center.

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