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Why Lease Mobile Cardiac PET scan Unit from the California Supplier

PET MPI is the standard to detect heart disease. The technology is expensive, but you can bring it to your clinic by leasing the imaging system for a cardiac pet scan in California. Leasing the cardiology tools brings these advantages.

Affordable cost

A Cardiac PET imaging system is expensive. Leasing will save your practice the high cost of purchase. The monthly leasing payments cost a fraction of buying the PET system. You will start earning from the leased equipment, and a few scans and treatments will cover the cost of leasing. PET system will also attract more clients because word will spread that your clinic has efficient diagnosis tools.

Access to accurate diagnostic tools

PET is useful when examining patients suspected of heart disease because it is noninvasive, painless, and highly accurate than other methods. Leasing enables you to start a diagnosis with better imaging data, leading to an early and accurate diagnosis. Your patients will enjoy more convenience because you will not send them for PET scans at other few places that could afford to buy.

Improved efficiency

You can serve more patients when they come for a cardiac pet scan in California. A patient cannot take more than 45 minutes when the diagnosis is through a PET system. PET patients can check-in directly with a need for much interaction with staff and other patients.

Access to experienced operators

The PET solutions provider delivers the imaging equipment to your practice with medicine technologists and nurses. They are experts in PET imaging, and your patients will get desired attention. They will also train your staff to operate a PET lab if you lease for an extended period.

Call for More Details

Cardiac Imaging, Inc is a California cardiac PET provider and the only countrywide supplier of mobile PET imaging examination systems. Call 800-998-2035 or visit Cardiac Imaging, Inc website for more information on PET imaging systems and other services.

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