What Is Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH And What Medical Care Is Involved?

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Health

Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH refers to the safety and health of workers, particularly those aspects of health that are affected by the working environment or the work itself. Some employers have found it expedient to contract the services of a single healthcare provider to deal with occupational health issues for their employees. Occupational medicine typically includes the following services.

• Treatment of work-related illnesses or injuries through workers’ compensation. Having a single provider for workers’ comp cases can simplify paperwork and also guarantee that employees are receiving appropriate care. The specific care could include treatment of an injury and ongoing physical or occupational therapy along with drug therapies for an infectious disease. In addition, the healthcare provider can help to determine whether an injury or illness fits the criteria of a workplace injury.

• Flu shots. Each year, 36,000 people die from the flu and far more than that are hospitalized. Even more people get sick and stay home from work. In order to keep workers healthy and on the job, many employers have found it beneficial to provide free flu shots to all employees. A service provider may be able to arrange a site visit so that employees can get the flu shot at work without having to take time off.

• Drug and alcohol testing. Many employers use drug and alcohol testing as part of the hiring process. They may also do periodic random testing to ensure that the workplace remains drug free, and they may order an individual to be tested when there is suspicion of drug use on the job. This testing can help reduce absenteeism and increase safety for all workers.

• Physical exams. Employers may also require physical exams as a condition of employment to ensure that employees are fit for the job they are hired to do. Exams may test strength for gripping, pushing, pulling, and lifting, and results may establish safe limits for the worker.

Companies that value the health and safety of their employees are likely to be more productive and have a more loyal staff. Click here for more information about Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH.

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