Using Proven Science to Manage Weight at Medical Weight Loss Centers in West Chester, PA

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Health

Medical Weight Loss Centers in West Chester PA use clinically proven techniques that help the body metabolize stubborn fat. Genetics, age, and a lack of exercise all contribute to obesity. Medical weight loss is a short-lived discipline that consists of a low-calorie diet and fat-burning supplement plan. Everyone who participates in this diet plan is supervised by a qualified physician. Appetite suppressants are recommended to fight any urge to deviate from the diet plan. Each person participating in this diet consumes food high in protein and only eats complex carbohydrates.

The supplement that is most helpful for weight loss is prescription HCG. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in the body but is present at high levels in pregnant women. This hormone has a natural ability to metabolize fat very quickly. The prescription form of HCG is derived from the hormone. The body is put in a position to burn fat rapidly. Since fat is lost so quickly, the term of the diet plan is brief. Physicians at medical Weight Loss Centers in West Chester PA continue to guide patients through their new healthy lifestyle so they keep the weight off. Following the health care plan of a physician who specializes in nutritional health does not mean occasional indulgences are not okay. The goal is not to revert to the previous habits that kept the weight on.

Clinical lab testing is a diagnostic tool that helps doctors understand why a person is having weight management problems and other health issues. When these tests are administered, physicians at the BeBalanced Center can see if there are underlying problems making it hard for a person to lose weight. It’s advised to take this test before starting the medical weight loss diet. The test reveals a lot and can tell a doctor if this specific diet plan is not fitting. If there are underlying medical issues that contribute to weight gain, the origins of the problem can be treated. This way, the patient will have no obstacles to face on the journey to a healthy weight. Please browse the website for more information.

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