Using a Partner to Help Weather the Migration Between EHR Systems

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Health

Your current EHR system was supposed to be the best option for all your future endeavors. Well, that turned out not to have been the case. Migrating your current data to another system can seem overwhelming, but it does not need to be.

Software Solutions Are Imperfect

Several software solutions are available on the market to perform these tasks. These software companies often make many promises, but software alone is never a bulletproof solution. When you are ready for EHR data migration, you may find that software solutions do not successfully map one system’s code to another one. This then leads to mandated double checks on the part of already overworked staff.

The Human Touch Is Best

When pursuing an EHR data migration from one system to another, the best option is to use actual human beings. They do not need complex and imperfect mapping. Instead, they can perform the task one record at a time. This option is almost impossible for individual hospitals and clinics to perform, of course. The staff is already busy with dozens of other tasks. At best, this will be a tertiary priority and take an inordinately long time. In the worst case, the migrated data will be riddled with errors.

Allies Are Key

Instead of performing the task alone, why not ally yourself with professional data migration workers? They can discreetly and remotely log into your site and perform the necessary tasks in the background. This reduces the amount of time and the number of resources you will need to dedicate to the process. Reputable companies have a proven record for this kind of work. They will work with you to deliver in a reasonable timeline.

When you are ready for a partner to help with your EHR data migration, then research reputable companies in your area. Leverage their experience for your needs to ensure a smooth transaction.

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