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Understanding Several Kinds of Bath Aids in Pittsburgh, PA

Bathrooms often constitute the most dangerous room in a house, especially if one or more of a household’s residents suffer from mobility impairments. Preventing falls in the bath is largely a matter of choosing the right Bath Aids in Pittsburgh PA. Read on to find out about a few different devices that can make bathing safer for elderly or mobility-impaired residents.

Grab Bars

Grab bars help those entering and exiting a bathtub or shower from losing their balance, helping to reduce the risk of catastrophic falls. When properly installed, these bars provide balance assistance exactly where it’s needed most. Homeowners should be sure to entrust a qualified installation professional with adding grab bars to bathtubs, though. Accurate placement and proper installation are absolutely essential, if these safety devices are to function properly.

Chairs and Benches

Shower chairs or benches can provide an additional level of safety to elderly or mobility-impaired residents, allowing them to sit down and relax while they bathe instead of having to stand. These devices can be installed in either bathtubs or walk-in showers, making them a versatile solution that is appropriate for installation in just about any bathroom. Being able to sit down in the bathtub or shower can substantially reduce fall risks, especially when shower chairs and benches are installed in conjunction with grab bars to facilitate getting in and out of these enclosures.

Toilet Aids

Bathing isn’t the only bathroom activity that can place mobility-impaired residents or guests at increased risk of experiencing slips and falls. Using the toilet can also be quite dangerous for those who have difficulty bending down and standing up, particularly if the seat is especially low. Toilet aids make it easier to use the bathroom’s existing toilet while simultaneously providing adequate protection against falls.

Learn More Today

Interested in having Bath Aids in Pittsburgh PA installed in a residential bathroom? Homeowners can find out more about what products are available and which of them are most appropriate for their unique situations online. By purchasing from a reliable provider such as McArdle Surgical Pittsburgh PA, residents can rest assured that they’ll have access to all of the equipment and advice they need to ensure a safe bathroom experience for all residents and guests.

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